What I can do for you:

Editing & Proofreading

Text formats used are Word and PDF, as well as the layout and typesetting program Adobe InDesign. I use track changes and comments so you can follow all the changes.

Simple proofreading or editing of copy or content.

Before you submit or publish the text, you should consult a fresh and objective pair of eyes. There is a high probability that a spelling error has crept in or that an argument is not clearly understandable for outsiders.

I am happy to help you here:


Proofreading a text means checking it for mistakes in orthographygrammar, and typography. Care is therefore taken to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation; the spelling is standardized and the quotation marks, apostrophes and dashes are used correctly.


The goal is fluent language and legible text. Therefore, besides the correction, the editing also includes a stylistic and linguistic revision. Nested sentences are reformulated, colloquial language changed and repetitions of words replaced by synonyms. Missing connections are restored.

I offer this service for German and English texts.

Language combination

Into German from English, Catalan, Spanish.
Into English from German, Catalan, Spanish.

Areas of expertise

Informative texts
Commercial texts
Scientific texts
Websites & user interfaces

As soon as possibleDepending on my availability and the size of the project, I may be able to offer you the same or next day service.

No hurryLet me know your expected deadline and we will plan from there.

Take advantage of hiring an experienced
German native speaker
as well as a trained linguist
who has been in England for a long time and is living in Barcelona for over eight years.

Translation means
  • grammatical and content quality
  • to correctly transfer lexical, semantic and cultural characteristics into the target language, taking into account country-specific language peculiarities
  • convey culture, history and customs of the language areas.
Why get a professional translation?

With a website or app, a translation can lead to betterpositioning of the company in search engines, as well as a presence on the foreign markets. For users who feel more comfortable in their own language, it offers a more accessible and enjoyable surfing experience.
For commercial and informative texts, a translation reflects seriousness and attention to detail; it shows that your company takes care of communication — which goes beyond profit — with customers, shareholders, and stakeholders.