What I can do for you:

(Copy-)Editing & Proofreading
Reviews & Reports
Translation of Short Texts

  • Project management
  • Collection of ideas and research
  • Communication with the team, authors, translators, etc.
  • Conception of layout and content
  • Copy-editing
  • Editing & proofreading

Editing and proofreading for books, texts, digital and audio-visual material.

Specialised in didactic material for language acquisition as well as scientific texts.

  • Proofreading includes the revision of orthography, grammar, punctuation and typography.
  • In addition to proofreading, editing further includes a stylistic and linguistic revision. The goal is a more fluent language and a coherent text. The layout is also standardised and improved.
  • In the case of audio-visual material, attention is also paid to clarity and pronunciation.

I offer this service for German, English and Spanish texts.

I read published and unpublished originals for you and prepare reviews and reports.

Original language of books >> German, English, Spanish, Catalan or French

Focus >> Crime fiction, thrillers and factual novels

Reports include:
  • Key data
  • Description (summary, analysis of content and important characters, structure, language and style)
  • Evaluation (general impression, coherence of structure, critic — good elements, improvable elements)
  • Consultation (commercial aspects, ideas and suggestions)

Reports and reviews can be written in German, English, Spanish and Catalan.

Language combination

Into German from English, Catalan, Spanish.

Into English from German, Catalan, Spanish.

Kinds of Text

illustrated books
short texts
other content

Take advantage of hiring an experienced German native speaker as well as a trained linguist who has been in England for a long time and has lived in Barcelona for over eight years.

Translation means
  • grammatical and content quality
  • to correctly transfer lexical, semantic and cultural characteristics into the target language, taking into account country-specific language peculiarities
  • convey culture, history and customs of the language areas.

Text formats used are Word and PDF, as well as in the layout and typesetting program Adobe InDesign. I use track changes and comments so you can follow all the changes.