Project Management
(Copy-)Editing & Proofreading
Reviews & Reports

Editing and proofreading for books, texts, digital and audio-visual material

Specialised in:

  • didactic material for language acquisition
  • non-fiction

Used text formats:

  • Texts in word, pdf and Adobe InDesign
  • Texts on a website or an online-platform
    (e.g. Avallain Author, Blink)

If wished I can use track-changes and leave comments in an additional document (Excel, Word).

Project Management

  • Collection of ideas and research
  • Communication
  • Conception of layout and content
  • Copy-editing
  • Editing & proofreading
Collection of print media

Reviews & Reports

Original language of books
German, English, Spanish, Catalan or French

Crime fiction, thrillers and factual novels