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Into German from English, Catalan, Spanish.
Into English from German, Catalan, Spanish.

Informative texts
Commercial texts
Websites & user surfaces

Take advantage of hiring an experienced German native speaker as well as a trained linguist who has been in England for a long time and has lived in Barcelona for over eight years.

Why get a professional translation?

With a website or app, a translation can lead to betterpositioning of the company in search engines, as well as a presence on the foreign markets. For users who feel more comfortable in their own language, it offers a more accessible and enjoyable surfing experience.
For commercial and informative texts, a translation reflects seriousness and attention to detail; it shows that your company takes care of communication — which goes beyond profit — with customers, shareholders, and stakeholders.

Translation means

1) grammatical and content quality
2) to correctly transfer lexical, semantic and cultural characteristics into the target language, taking into account country-specific language peculiarities
3) convey culture, history and customs of the language areas