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pf_2019_meme tarot

78 meme cards that seamlessly mix digital culture with tarot. Includes a multilingual instructions booklet to help you interpret the cards (available in English, Spanish, French and German).


2019. Editorial Project Management of Euclid’s Elements (completion of Oliver Byrne’s edition) incl. communication with mathematicians, transcript, editing, proofreading.


2019. From idea to published facsimile — researching ideas, clearing rights, checking proofs. For Barcelona based publisher KroneckerWallis.


2019. Editorial project management of a new edition of Newton’s «Opticks» for Kronecker Wallis. This edition won the Laus 2019 Design Prize.


2018. First project as a project manager for Kronecker Wallis incl. image research, permissions, copy-writing, copy-editing, translation, proofreading.

project_2016_Pearson MFL

2016. Assist with the products AQA and Edexcel GCSE (9–1) French, German and Spanish with proofreading, copy-editing, content development, permissions administration and native speaker checking.

project_2015_book 2.0

2015. Research article ‚Early 20th Century Marketing of Literature: Reclam, A Trendsetter?‘ for the university module History and Culture of Publishing. Prize for best article and published in journal Book 2.0, Vol. 5.


2015. Created for a university module; explores and reflects in 5 entries on the theories and the history of publishing cultures.

project_2013_estudis romanics

2015. Conference report ‚Crónica del Congrés 800 anys després de Muret: Els trobadors i les relacions catalanooccitanes‘ in Estudis Romànics, Vol. 37, p. 642–643.

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