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2015. Permissions Clearance

Publisher’s description

This reader is the most comprehensive selection of key texts on twentieth and twenty-first century print culture yet compiled. Illuminating the networks and processes that have shaped reading, writing and publishing, the selected extracts also examine the effect of printed and digital texts on society. Featuring a general introduction to contemporary print culture and publishing studies, the volume includes 42 influential and innovative pieces of writing, arranged around themes such as authorship, women and print culture, colonial and postcolonial publishing and globalisation. 

Offering a concise survey of critical work, this volume is an essential companion for students of Literature or Publishing with an interest in the history of the book.

2015. Administration and clearance of permissions of extracts used in a Reader published in 2019 by Dr Caroline Davis (Oxford Brookes University).

2015. Verwaltung und Klärung der Nutzungsrechte für Auszüge, die in dem im Jahr 2019 veröffentlichten Reader von Dr. Caroline Davis (Oxford Brookes University) verwendet werden.

2015. Gestión de licencias de extractos usados en la antología publicada en 2019 por Dr. Caroline Davis (Oxford Brookes University). 

2015. Gestió de llicències d’extractes fets servir en l’antologia publicada en 2019 per la Dr. Caroline Davis (Oxford Brookes University).